Recipe or Receipt?? by Dale


Ok thanks to prayer and a very very loving wife.  I am feeling 100% better tonight so I thought a little update would be in order. Although the sickness sidelined me a few days Yuri and I still were able to collect some of the needed things for the projects at hand. Like sheet metal and metal tubing for a new fence at Samuel House and the sheet and angle to go with it. It is now in our possession as I write this but my poor brain was tested this last week and…..lets just say it was not the best it could have been.

Yuri came early one morning with plans to pick-up the aforementioned sheet metal which had already been paid for. He also really liked the Chili soup I was able to put together before I got too sick and asked for the recipe. I was able to change the English measures to Metric and printed the page folding the paper and putting it in my pocket.

Jan gave me the proof of purchase papers to go pick up the beautiful pre-finished metal for the fence and we were off on a mission. We quickly arrived at the factory where our metal was waiting. I reached into my pocket and handed Yuri the receipt for without that you cannot get your order completed here. Yuri said “I will be back soon”. Well I think that’s what he said (it was in Russian).

Five minutes later he came back grinning from ear to ear. “Dale”, he said “No Receipt!” “This paper for making Chili!” I had jumbled the two papers and handed him the wrong paper! I laughed and said “Go back, tell them please… 2 bowls not to spicy!” He was laughing and I was laughing. He said “Where is paper for metal?” Where else? Back at our flat cause I laid it down just before I left! Well we got it straightened out that day but I will pass on any more days like that one. Thanks again for all the prayers and if you forgot to pray for poor ole Dale….shame on you!

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