" ...the Gospel is proclaimed and people see Jesus! "


OrphansJm 1:27…..”visit the orphans and widows in their distress”….The number of orphans in our world is increasing daily. Because of social issues such as unemployment, AIDS, alcohol and drugs children are left abandoned and hopeless. Home for them becomes an orphanage or the streets. At age 16 orphans are required to leave the orphanages. Few will qualify for college but many will turn to drugs, prostitution or crime . Without help there is little hope for their future. Through the help of sponsors FOV hopes to change one life at a time. With a loving heart and listening ears to hear their cry we extend a helping hand. We help provide housing, food, clothing, and education as they transcend into the world.



As we left the nursing home in Far East Russia, Teresa would always say “do not forget us as others do.” Widows around the world suffer from lack of income, money and love. Fov offers help in practical ways to meet needs as we share a hug and tell them Jesus loves them and He has not forgotten.


From remodels to new construction, building is a big part of our ministry. Whether it is building an outhouse or a church we do it all with excellence. Finding needed supplies is not always easy in some parts of the world. It is times like these that we remember a scripture from Psalms “God will give you witty inventions.” He always comes through to guide our builders with original ideas.Yuri Construction

As we work alongside our local partners, the job-site becomes a school of opportunity for training. Many times we are able to teach new skills and leave tools for future application of those skills.



According to 2 Timothy 4, we should always be ready to share the gospel message. There are some who have never heard of Jesus.

Teaching can be as simple as one on one over a cup of tea or as challenging as a large group. Teaching is sharing the Word of God to instruct, encourage, and rebuke.  We teach through scripture, testimonies, and experience.

Over the years we have had opportunities to participate in and establish Woman’s Ministry, Family Ministry, Men’s Ministry, and Bible studies. We equip others with the Word and encourage them to be ready.


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