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Tonya is a former orphan brought up in orphanage #8 in Khabarovsk. She completed her high school education and attended one year of art school. She then entered the Pedigogical University Arts and Graphics department and eventually graduated.  Tonya also began taking English classes. In addition to her art work she enjoys singing, and sports.

FOV was one of Tonya’s sponsors for several years while she completed her degree and got a good job. The sponsorship program helped to provide her with clothing, art supplies, food, fees for some classes and various other needs of a college student.

Lena is our Russian contact that works with the orphans and sees to their needs. With the help of sponsors she has been able to touch the lives of many orphans like Tonya. Tonya sent a thank you letter for Lena to pass along to her sponsors.   We would like to share this letter and say thank you for making this dream possible for Tonya.

“Dear Sponsors, I would like to thank you. You are indifferent to the orphans’ fates. Ther parents usually are not chosen. The children who become orphans can’t be blamed for having parents who are deprived of their parental rights or waived the rights for their children. Leaving the orphanage at 15 years the orphans are not mature yet and they have a risk of following their parents’ way of life and becoming criminals. The orphans have no idea of goals. They haven’t got any skills to get good educations or a job. You give me hope. You encourage me a lot. So I am very grateful for that!!!”

Tonya was the first student we sponsored. Since then we have helped several others. This year Lena has asked us to meet again with orphan graduates and see if we are able to help. Please pray for this need.

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  • Comment by Karyl Kaufmann — June 1, 2012 @ 12:49 pm

    What a great life story. How about bringing one of her pictures back to the states and showing it to sell or bring in a donation. Kind of like the FM church has “Seed” that takes things made in a foreign country and sells them here. Just a thot !

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