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Marcums head to RUSSIA

Sunday, September 1st, 2019

It is hard to believe that we are once again returning to Khabarovsk, Russia. It has been a few years since our last visit there. Our travel will be interesting. We will fly from Michigan to LA, to Tokyo and then to Khabarovsk. Our visit will last almost a month. We look forward to once again seeing friends, visiting familiar places, and enjoying walks along the river. The city has changed much since our last visit. We will spend our first days readjusting and settling in. Sunday we will visit Pastor Yuri’s church and worship together. We thank you for joining us on our journey. We hope to keep you updated along the way.


Russia Kenya connect Sept 2014

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

God has a unique way of weaving a picture. Often times we do not see it in the making but then come the “ah ha moment”. Let me step back in time. I met Lena, a teacher of English, in Khabarovsk Russia in 1997. Her heart overflows with love for orphan children. From our first meeting our hearts connected and we began working together. We have spent many hours visiting orphanages, filling needs and sharing God’s love. Lena’s passion have led her to start many programs in Khabarovsk that make a difference in their lives. Recently I saw her love stretched further than Russia. I met teacher Pauline in Kenya five years ago. She lived at the mission house and has the title of “head teacher” at the Echoes of Mercy school. Her passion for teaching the children is amazing. At the time we met they had little resources but she poured all she had into teaching the children, many who are orphans. This year one of her students was given the honor of the best student in the district. I love to watch her in action. Last year Lena contacted me and had a great desire to help the orphans in Kenya as well as Russia. She wanted her English students to start a pen pal project and to send funds to meet a need. She sent letters to me via someone that was traveling to the US. I hand delivered them to eight students and teacher Pauline. The


“The AfriPacks”

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Children are a precious gift from the Lord.  Echoes of Mercy began by supporting just two orphaned children and are now helping approximately 200. EOM is a non profit Christian organization in Kenya founded in 2008 by Moses Omondi. Following Christian values, they work with excellence and integrity teaching dignity and servant leadership. Their goal is to alleviate suffering among widows, orphans, and needy children and their families in rural Kenya. In 2010 they established a Christian School that operates in a recently completed modern facility. It is staffed with caring qualified teachers. Children come from miles around to looking for a helping hand, a meal, and hope for the future. Many are without parents because of the AIDS virus that lurks in the villages. For most the simple meal they receive at the school will be the only food they will have for days.  EOM currently assists the children through a feeding program and education. But they have a greater vision. They want to impact lives and express mercy. They want to empower the suffering towards a better future. The staff of EOM wish to provide not only physical needs but also offer spiritual needs as well. They want to sponsor orphans at all levels of education, improve health and diet, educate them about AIDS and prevent the use of illicit substances among the children. And, someday they desire to build a medical clinic to treat the people of the village. Currently they have to travel many miles on



Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Emily is the wife of Pastor Moses in Kenya. Together they are following a vision given to them by the Lord. In the village of Kamuyu where Moses grew up they have started Echoes of Mercy. They have adopted the village to help make a difference. With the blessing of a financial gift from a sponsor they were able to begin the work. Last April there was empty land now there is the structure of a church, a four room school house, and a mission house with office. The village now has a well with fresh water for all thanks to EOM. Orphans will have free schooling, jobs will be created, and widows will be helped. Spiritual life of the village is taking on a new level too. Emily will take on the job as administrator of the project. To do this she must take some classes at the local university.  Fruit of the Vine was able to help provide for this education.  Here is the response from Pastor Moses. Thank you for helping Emily with the Fee to join University….She will start her classes at Mt. Kenya University on Monday. She will be studying COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AND SOCIAL WORK in preparation to be Echoes of Mercy Administrator. We look forward for your coming this year 2011.


Moses writes

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

In a recent email from Moses he wrote…”You are all a blessings. I was in the village at Echoes Of Mercy and the impact you all made are still being remembered. They believe you are the coolest best missionaries that ever visited the village. Lot’s of love from the brothers and sisters in the village.”


Village speaking

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

In America they ask for a 20 minute teaching, in Russia it is 40+, Kenya they asked for 3hrs. The Lord poured out what was needed. Deb and I took turns sharing then took lunch break and came back. They want us to come back again on Sat for more. Dale painted today at the school. Tomorrow Dale will speak to the men and Deb and I will visit the orphan school and visit widows. Awesome testimonies today. About 50+ women many walked from 5 miles away or more. We were humbled so much as we shared Jesus with them.  On Sunday we will buy chickens and/or goats to deliver to those in need. Life in the village is so hard compared to our life in America. The perseverance of the people is amazing. I am humbled as I watch them each day. They share so willingly what they have with us and open their doors and hearts. We are blessed to be here.