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Russia Kenya connect Sept 2014

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

God has a unique way of weaving a picture. Often times we do not see it in the making but then come the “ah ha moment”. Let me step back in time. I met Lena, a teacher of English, in Khabarovsk Russia in 1997. Her heart overflows with love for orphan children. From our first meeting our hearts connected and we began working together. We have spent many hours visiting orphanages, filling needs and sharing God’s love. Lena’s passion have led her to start many programs in Khabarovsk that make a difference in their lives. Recently I saw her love stretched further than Russia. I met teacher Pauline in Kenya five years ago. She lived at the mission house and has the title of “head teacher” at the Echoes of Mercy school. Her passion for teaching the children is amazing. At the time we met they had little resources but she poured all she had into teaching the children, many who are orphans. This year one of her students was given the honor of the best student in the district. I love to watch her in action. Last year Lena contacted me and had a great desire to help the orphans in Kenya as well as Russia. She wanted her English students to start a pen pal project and to send funds to meet a need. She sent letters to me via someone that was traveling to the US. I hand delivered them to eight students and teacher Pauline. The


What is a Zavalinki??…. by Dale

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Upon our arrival in Khabarovsk we met with our host. She had a list ready for us of suggested projects needing to be done at the Samuel House, a shelter for children. One of the needs listed was repair of the zavalinki.  We asked what is a zavalinki? Well it was determined there was no translation for it. So we decided a visit to the house was in order to learn more about the zavalinki.   It is a flashing device connected to the foundation. It is supposed to divert rain and add insulation at the base of the house. It looks much like a small roofed storage area 2 feet tall by 1 foot deep.  When it was new it probably worked quite well. But when the roofing (which covered it) eventually failed the contraption became a perimeter sponge holding water that would freeze in winter. So much for insulation!  This particular unit was in such bad disrepair the only logical solution was its complete removal.     After the initial removal of all old materials the cement needed to be repaired or replaced and a water drainage system put in place. An addition had to be reinforced also so it would not fall. The cement wall was crumbling at its base and water had seeped in for a long time. The problem here was not insulation but water infiltrating into areas that needed to stay dry. Some Insulation was needed to be put in place at the wooden


Return to Russia 2012

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Take a quick walk through the ministry in Khabarovsk, Russia.  Join us via internet as we prepare to spend the next 60 days there.  Our plans is to depart from Detroit on May 30 and return July 26. Once again our work will consist of construction, woman’s ministry, visiting the orphans and street children, and sharing God’s Word.   Even though the areas of ministry are the same, each trip brings new opportunities and divine appointments. We never know what the Lord will have in store. Our pray is  “use us Jesus”.  Would you like to be part of this adventure? Join our mailing list, or facebook page or follow our blogs here on the website.


Meet Tonya

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Tonya is a former orphan brought up in orphanage #8 in Khabarovsk. She completed her high school education and attended one year of art school. She then entered the Pedigogical University Arts and Graphics department and eventually graduated.  Tonya also began taking English classes. In addition to her art work she enjoys singing, and sports. FOV was one of Tonya’s sponsors for several years while she completed her degree and got a good job. The sponsorship program helped to provide her with clothing, art supplies, food, fees for some classes and various other needs of a college student. Lena is our Russian contact that works with the orphans and sees to their needs. With the help of sponsors she has been able to touch the lives of many orphans like Tonya. Tonya sent a thank you letter for Lena to pass along to her sponsors.   We would like to share this letter and say thank you for making this dream possible for Tonya. “Dear Sponsors, I would like to thank you. You are indifferent to the orphans’ fates. Ther parents usually are not chosen. The children who become orphans can’t be blamed for having parents who are deprived of their parental rights or waived the rights for their children. Leaving the orphanage at 15 years the orphans are not mature yet and they have a risk of following their parents’ way of life and becoming criminals. The orphans have no idea of goals. They haven’t got any skills to get


From Dreams to Reality…by Jan

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Dreams do become realities. Last year their dream was to have a kitchen with a table large enough for the family of seven to all eat at one time. This year Zhenya’s dream was to have cabinets, stove and refrigerator in that kitchen. The Lord has blessed us to help with both of these dreams. Each day as another cabinet goes into place or a door is hung there is such joy on every face. One by one the children check out the work. Each joking about how they might use the cabinet. Papa thinks it would make a nice storage for his hunting supplies but Mama says ‘NO”.  This is her kitchen dream. Each day she sits and watches the work, helping when necessary, and mentally stocks the cabinets. They have had the refrigerator in the living room, the stove in another small room and the sink in a hallway. Now they will all be in the same room. Imagine the joy of having such luxury. The children enjoy climbing the ladder of fetching supplies from time to time. The little ones call “Janice” as they peek around a corner just to let me know they are still there. They are quick to offer a helping hand to sweep the floors, especially since Dale gifted a few rubles to his helpers. Working together in their home has taken our relationship to a new level. Pastor’s use of English has increased since last year as well as our limited Russian.


Recipe or Receipt?? by Dale

Monday, May 30th, 2011

  Ok thanks to prayer and a very very loving wife.  I am feeling 100% better tonight so I thought a little update would be in order. Although the sickness sidelined me a few days Yuri and I still were able to collect some of the needed things for the projects at hand. Like sheet metal and metal tubing for a new fence at Samuel House and the sheet and angle to go with it. It is now in our possession as I write this but my poor brain was tested this last week and…..lets just say it was not the best it could have been. Yuri came early one morning with plans to pick-up the aforementioned sheet metal which had already been paid for. He also really liked the Chili soup I was able to put together before I got too sick and asked for the recipe. I was able to change the English measures to Metric and printed the page folding the paper and putting it in my pocket. Jan gave me the proof of purchase papers to go pick up the beautiful pre-finished metal for the fence and we were off on a mission. We quickly arrived at the factory where our metal was waiting. I reached into my pocket and handed Yuri the receipt for without that you cannot get your order completed here. Yuri said “I will be back soon”. Well I think that’s what he said (it was in Russian). Five minutes later he