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Hungary Bible Museum 2015

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015

Exciting things are happening with our Hungarian ministry partners. Pastor Gusztav Fodor and his wife pastor churches in two small villages. A few months ago he contacted us with a vision for a new outreach. From past experience of working together we knew this idea would be good and Fruit of the Vine sowed into this project.  Lord willing we plan to visit them later this summer and be a part of their work.   Here is his story…… Last Year about 300 000 tourists drove thru the village of Tiszaderzs during the tourist season, because of the developing Tisza-Lake. The tourist drove thru the village,  but our church is closed. Our answer is for that great possibility, to make something for God, with which we can invite tourists, and speak for them about salvation!  We would make a Bible museum. We want to stop people, and to invite them to the church, to look at the Bible-Museum, to hear wonderful things about the Bible, and to look the more than 400 different types of Bibles and songbooks and prayer books. If yearly we will have about 1000-2000 visitor, it will be fantastic! The biggest reason of organizing the Bible Museum is: to speak about God, to speak about the Gospel, to speak about Salvation in Jesus! We have already Bibles in foreign languages: Norwegian, Ukrainian, Russian, Slovakian, Bulgarian, Arabic, Dutch, 40 types of English, French, Finn, Turkish, Kurd, Modern Greek, Asyr, Chinese, Urdu, Estonian, and Romanian. We have about 150 types


Russia Kenya connect Sept 2014

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

God has a unique way of weaving a picture. Often times we do not see it in the making but then come the “ah ha moment”. Let me step back in time. I met Lena, a teacher of English, in Khabarovsk Russia in 1997. Her heart overflows with love for orphan children. From our first meeting our hearts connected and we began working together. We have spent many hours visiting orphanages, filling needs and sharing God’s love. Lena’s passion have led her to start many programs in Khabarovsk that make a difference in their lives. Recently I saw her love stretched further than Russia. I met teacher Pauline in Kenya five years ago. She lived at the mission house and has the title of “head teacher” at the Echoes of Mercy school. Her passion for teaching the children is amazing. At the time we met they had little resources but she poured all she had into teaching the children, many who are orphans. This year one of her students was given the honor of the best student in the district. I love to watch her in action. Last year Lena contacted me and had a great desire to help the orphans in Kenya as well as Russia. She wanted her English students to start a pen pal project and to send funds to meet a need. She sent letters to me via someone that was traveling to the US. I hand delivered them to eight students and teacher Pauline. The


The Bracelets by Jan

Monday, May 30th, 2011

The little piece of rope with beads seemed like a simple gift but it was so much more. The story behind it is of great importance. We have known Bruce Becker for many years. He often talks excitedly about the eye glass clinics and how effective they are for evangelism. Recently we had the opportunity to share in this ministry and experience it first hand and he was right. After the recent Roma conference Bruce and staff set up the simple clinic in a tent first then moved on to the churches of the villages. People lined up to get free eyeglasses. But they also got another gift, the bracelet. Bruce handed me a large bag filled with the colorful bracelets and a package of cards in Russian to explain. My task was to share them with the people. I quickly recruited Robie to be my assistant. He is a very energetic leader in the church and he loves the Lord. I shared the message card with him and the Pastor and explained that as the people came for glasses we would give each person a bracelet, tell them the story and pray with them. One by one the people came. As we placed the bracelet on their wrist we explained. The Black bead represents the sin in our lives. It is black and holds us in darkness. The Red heart bead. This is a symbol of the love of Jesus Christ. He loved us so much He was willing