Kenya is a new adventure for us. As we toured the city yesterday in the process of doing errands we saw the sights. Many things seemed somewhat familiar…bad roads, crazy drivers, roadside vendors. All much like Russia for us and Philippines for Deb. Poverty was evident at every turn.  We ask Lord how do we help and what is your plan for us here. Our time of ministry began today with a visit to Joogo (spelling ?) Girl’s school. Jan spoke and both her and Deb prayed for several of the girls. Many of them have heavy concerns for young girls. We are praising the Lord for Jen who made Jesus Lord of her life today. That was exciting. Please pray for these girls. Dale preached at the Brethren church where Moses attends. Tomorrow we will go to the village for a week. Lord willing we will get you some updates from there.

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  • Comment by Wiser Family — October 24, 2010 @ 9:30 am

    Pictures, pictures, pictures. We want to see many. Love you and we are with you in prayer.

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