From Dreams to Reality…by Jan

Dreams do become realities. Last year their dream was to have a kitchen with a table large enough for the family of seven to all eat at one time. This year Zhenya’s dream was to have cabinets, stove and refrigerator in that kitchen. The Lord has blessed us to help with both of these dreams.

Each day as another cabinet goes into place or a door is hung there is such joy on every face. One by one the children check out the work. Each joking about how they might use the cabinet. Papa thinks it would make a nice storage for his hunting supplies but Mama says ‘NO”.  This is her kitchen dream. Each day she sits and watches the work, helping when necessary, and mentally stocks the cabinets.

They have had the refrigerator in the living room, the stove in another small room and the sink in a hallway. Now they will all be in the same room. Imagine the joy of having such luxury.

The children enjoy climbing the ladder of fetching supplies from time to time. The little ones call “Janice” as they peek around a corner just to let me know they are still there. They are quick to offer a helping hand to sweep the floors, especially since Dale gifted a few rubles to his helpers.

Working together in their home has taken our relationship to a new level. Pastor’s use of English has increased since last year as well as our limited Russian. Hand signals and pictures work wonders. Often translators are nearby to help when our vocabulary runs out. During mealtime or over a cup of tea we have some great conversations. Sometimes Dale shares a story or a joke but eventually the conversation returns to our awesome Lord and Savior and the blessings He has provided.

From the large picture type window we installed in front of the kitchen table last year Pastor watches the activities outside. In the process his eyes have been opened to needs around them. Children have no where to go and little to do. They spend hours playing in the dusty streets. Mother’s walk their babies up and down the rough street because there is no where else to go.

From the window Pastor also sees the land the Lord has blessed them with. There is a large lot they are not using. He has often asked the Lord “What is your plan for all this land?”  Recently God showed him the answer and has given him a dream for next year. The land will be transformed into a play and picnic area for the neighbors to enjoy. This will open opportunities for youth ministry, neighborhood events, and most of all sharing Jesus.

Scripture says without a vision (dream) the people parish. Without Jesus the people of the village will parish. God is the giver of dreams and now God has instilled a new dream in Pastor to offer hope to the people. Our dream is to be a part of it all.









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