October 2, 2011



Greetings from beautiful Northern Michigan. In the two months since our return from Russia we have celebrated Jan’s turning 60, and the news that we will have an additional grandson in January. We attended local festivals, a county fair, Jan’s family reunion, her high school class get together, and dinner’s with friends. We entertained guests from England, said good bye to our son Jason and family as they returned to Ukraine, and completed several work projects. The last of July we traveled to the mountains of PA for a retreat where we had the opportunity to speak about the work of the Lord. Then in late August we took our three Michigan grandgirls on a trip to OH and KY. They had some new adventures including a day at the Creation Museum and meeting Dale’s family. These old grandparents survived and had a good time. As you can see this has been a blessed and busy summer.If you look at our website Fruit of the Vine Ministries you will see the three main countries God has called us to ministry in at this time are Russia, Ukraine and Kenya.As you may know we were blessed to spend time in Ukraine and Russia during the Spring and Summer. Now with the change of seasons we look to Kenya for Fall.  Details are coming together  for departure the end of October and it looks like an exciting trip ahead.Our five person team will again join  Echoes of Mercyas we travel to the village of Kamuyu. Our plans include visiting the orphans and widows, speaking, construction, eye glass clinics, evangelism and possibly the Jesus film.The opportunities are endless so we wait to see what the Lord puts before us.Thanks for traveling along with us via your prayers, your gifts. your love and the internet. We hope you will enjoy the news we have to share. We keep you in our prayers and ask the Lord to bless you abundantly.

                                  Dale and Janice

 Orphans In Need

 Would you consider joining Fruit of the Vine Ministries and Echoes of Mercyto help an orphan child? We have made a commitment to find sponsors for 20 children this year. As of today 17 are still waiting to be chosen.

Pictured above is 8 yr old Florence. You can see her and others in need by clicking on our EOM orphan photos. For $25 per month your child will receive food, clothing and education. You could be the one to give them hope.
If you are interested contact us with the child you wish to sponsor. Donations can be made online or by mail. 100% of your donation goes for sponsorship. You will receive periodic updates of your child.
We are making plans to return to Kenya in late October 2011 and would love to take good news of sponsors to these children.

Pray for the Orphans and EOM 

Nymbuchie Returns…
While in Kenyalast year Dale received a new name. It is Nymbuchie. We do not know the exact meaning of this name but know it brings smiles each time people hear it.

People in the village are all asking “When will Nymbuchie return?” The good news is SOON.
Since they have heard this news they have been preparing projects to test the skills of the great Nymbuchie. In a place without electricity, hours from any building stores, and no available tools, he and his team will attempt to build a new outhouse, install a kitchen, and build picnic tables. All for the needs of the children at the Echoes of Mercy orphan school.
Is it possible? Can he do it? Not under his own strength but we are trusting the Lord will empower him and meet the needs; giving witty inventions as needed. Already the village men are waiting to assist him and preparing for our arrival. As Nymbuchie packs his bag, someone donated a set of battery tools to take along. But he quickly realizes that other items will be needed to complete the tasks before him. Upon further checking, he also finds his money belt for building materials appears to be a bit on the light side. It is time to call upon his mighty assistants the Prayer Warriors. Pray help will arrive in time. There are people in need. You can change their world.
Are you willing and able to assist Nymbuchie and his team in this challenge? If you choose to except this assignment and wish to request further information look to the right of this page for contact information or if you wish you may simply push the  donate button . And May the Spirit of the Lord be with you.
Travel Plans
  Preparations are underway for a return to Kenya the end of October. It will be a two week trip with 5 people. Plans include working with orphans and widows as well as building projects, eye glass distribution and evangelism. We are trusting the Lord to meet all the needs for this trip.
Pray for

  • Team
  • Favor
  • Prepare the hearts to receive the Word
  • Glasses ministry 
  • Testimonies to come  


Blog Posts

Supplies for “AfriPacks”

       “AfriPacks”….by Jan 


Children are a precious gift from the Lord. Echoes of Mercy began by supporting just two orphaned children and are now helping approximately 200. EOM is a non profit Christian organization in Kenya founded in 2008 by Moses Omondi. Following Christian values, they work with excellence and integrity teaching dignity and servant leadership. Their goal is to alleviate suffering among widows, orphans, and needy children and their families in rural Kenya.

In 2010 they established a Christian School that operates in a recently completed modern facility. It is staffed with caring qualified teachers. Children come from miles around to looking for a helping hand, a meal, and hope for the future. Many are without parents because of the AIDS virus that lurks in the villages. For most the simple meal they receive at the school will be the only food they will have for that day.

EOM currently assists the children through a feeding program and education. But they have a greater vision. They want to impact lives and express mercy. They want to empower the suffering towards a better future.  Story Continues

Ukraine and Russia News…
  We have some News Shorts from our partners in our countries of ministry. Please remember them in prayer.

In Ukraine the Wiser’s returned in August. They continue to partner with Pastor Brugosh and the Roma church in Radvanka. Many projects keep them busy but one of special interest is an Audo Bible class. With over 40% of the people of the village illiterate it is difficult for many to participate in Bible study. Now with the help of an audio Bible in both Russian and Hungarian, they are opening a new avenue for teaching. Each week they gather to listen to the Scripture via the computer. Then they follow up with a discussion.  Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. (Rom 10:17)
Four audio Bibles have recently been donated and we will ship them out next week. But more are needed.

In Khabarovsk Russia Pastor Yuri is taking an evangelism team to the Nanian villages Oct 6-9. Our good friends Joyce Titus and Linda Weber are part of this team. These are native villages far from the city. Many have never heard of Jesus.

In Ufa Russia We recently received news that Lydia the director of Children’s Fund in Ufa is having some health issues. This along with economy changes has cause for limiting the work of the Fund. However they have recently received special funding to set up two large projects in orphanages. One is a shoe repair workshop and the other is a sensory room for handicap children.