Village speaking

In America they ask for a 20 minute teaching, in Russia it is 40+, Kenya they asked for 3hrs. The Lord poured out what was needed. Deb and I took turns sharing then took lunch break and came back. They want us to come back again on Sat for more. Dale painted today at the school. Tomorrow Dale will speak to the men and Deb and I will visit the orphan school and visit widows. Awesome testimonies today. About 50+ women many walked from 5 miles away or more. We were humbled so much as we shared Jesus with them.  On Sunday we will buy chickens and/or goats to deliver to those in need. Life in the village is so hard compared to our life in America. The perseverance of the people is amazing. I am humbled as I watch them each day. They share so willingly what they have with us and open their doors and hearts. We are blessed to be here.

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