“The AfriPacks”

Children are a precious gift from the Lord.  Echoes of Mercy began by supporting just two orphaned children and are now helping approximately 200. EOM is a non profit Christian organization in Kenya founded in 2008 by Moses Omondi. Following Christian values, they work with excellence and integrity teaching dignity and servant leadership. Their goal is to alleviate suffering among widows, orphans, and needy children and their families in rural Kenya.

In 2010 they established a Christian School that operates in a recently completed modern facility. It is staffed with caring qualified teachers. Children come from miles around to looking for a helping hand, a meal, and hope for the future. Many are without parents because of the AIDS virus that lurks in the villages. For most the simple meal they receive at the school will be the only food they will have for days.

 EOM currently assists the children through a feeding program and education. But they have a greater vision. They want to impact lives and express mercy. They want to empower the suffering towards a better future.

The staff of EOM wish to provide not only physical needs but also offer spiritual needs as well. They want to sponsor orphans at all levels of education, improve health and diet, educate them about AIDS and prevent the use of illicit substances among the children. And, someday they desire to build a medical clinic to treat the people of the village. Currently they have to travel many miles on foot for medical care.

Many of the widows of the village have children or they care for the orphans of family members. But they need help to do this. EOM is helping to meet that need. Through micro-financing they can take loans to breed goats and chickens which they sell to pay back the loans and remain with some income. This income allows them to use their skills to start a small business and provide for the children.

In James 1:27 we are called to visit the orphans and widows.  In late October, Fruit of the Vine Ministries is planning a two week trip to this rural village in Kenya to do just that.  There are lots of plans in the works and details still being put in place. But one thing we are excited about  is “The AfriPacks”.  For the past two months people have been donating school supplies and backpacks for the EOM school. On October 22 youth from local churches will help us to sort and pack all the items and pray over them. They will make cards of encouragement and send them along to bless the children. Our team will hand deliver the “AfriPacks”. We still have a few needs for  “The AfriPacks” that you might want to help with.

  1. First and most important pray for the children and their teachers daily as we prepare for the trip.
  2. We would like to give each child (200) a simple card to let them know someone cares. They can be handmade or bought. The children only speak some English so keep it simple.
  3. We would like Christian stickers or bookmarks that we can give each child and quart size Ziploc bags for sorting supplies.
  4. Also check out our Kenya photos and video and our Sponsor a child page.

Remember if you wish to help or want more information click here to contact us.



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