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God has a unique way of weaving a picture. Often times we do not see it in the making but then come the “ah ha moment”.

Let me step back in time. I met Lena, a teacher of English, in Khabarovsk Russia in 1997. Her heart overflows with love for orphan children. From our first meeting our hearts connected and we began working together. We have spent many hours visiting orphanages, filling needs and sharing God’s love. Lena’s passion have led her to start many programs in Khabarovsk that make a difference in their lives. Recently I saw her love stretched further than Russia.

I met teacher Pauline in Kenya five years ago. She lived at the mission house and has the title of “head teacher” at the Echoes of Mercy school. Her passion for teaching the children is amazing. At the time we met they had little resources but she poured all she had into teaching the children, many who are orphans. This year one of her students was given the honor of the best student in the district. I love to watch her in action.

Last year Lena contacted me and had a great desire to help the orphans in Kenya as well as Russia. She wanted her English students to start a pen pal project and to send funds to meet a need. She sent letters to me via someone that was traveling to the US. I hand delivered them to eight students and teacher Pauline. The kids were so excited to be a part of this project. When I returned home last fall I had more than eight replies which I in turn sent via someone to Khabarovsk.
English is the second language of Kenya so this made a great project without the need of translators. Throughout the year Lena and teacher Pauline communicated by email and facebook. In the process Lena learned that teacher Pauline was typing only from a cell phone so could not do long letters. Lena contacted me and said “we need to do something about this”. She asked “How can a teacher work without a computer. If I can send money can you purchase her a computer”. My answer was a quick “Yes.”

You can see by the photo that this year I was blessed to be the messenger and deliver the computer. Teacher Pauline was so surprised. She never expected such a gift from her new Russian friend.

As I marvel at how God began weaving this picture 17 years ago, I thought of the scripture from Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. They are plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope”. He had this plan all in place.

Once again I have come home with letters and gifts to pass along to friends in Russia. the picture is not complete. Only God knows what will come of these new friendships.

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