"now it is
like a second home..."

Most often when people think of Russia they think of Moscow, Red Square, or the big Orthodox churches. When we think of Russia we think of the many people God has blessed us to meet and work with.

Ministry to Russia began in 1997 when Janice Marcum made her first mission trip to Khabarovsk Far East Russia. At that time she met Pastor Yuri Stadnick, his family and his church congregation. She worked with directors and staff at several orphanages and the children’s hospital. Janice’s first season in Khabarovsk ended in 1999. During those early years deep lasting relationships were formed. Pastor Yuri and others met at that time now partner with Fruit of the Vine Ministries in the work in Khabarovsk.

Soon after Dale and Janice were married in 2000, they traveled to Ufa Russia. They were blessed to come alongside directors Mark and Lydia who were beginning the orphan outreach ministry of “Charitable Children’s Fund”. For six months they worked together reaching out to orphans. In the process they turned an old building into a beautiful bakery where orphans could learn a trade, bake food and earn funds for the orphanage.

The Children’s Fund continues to offer hope and help to the orphans. Relationships began in the orphanages but continue into adult life. Many consider Mark and Lydia as family and have come to know Jesus as Lord. FOV continues to partner with and support the work of the “Charitable Children’s Fund”.

The Marcum’s returned to Khabarovsk in 2002 and now it is like a second home for them.   Each year they spend up to three months there partnering with local ministries. During that time,  God has empowered them to complete numerous construction projects, assist programs in orphanages, lead Bible studies, work with street children and meet friends that are now family.

The Lord is changing lives in the name of Jesus through the work of Fruit of the Vine Ministries in Russia. There are opportunities for you to be involved. We invited you to contact us if you would like more information about upcoming trips or ongoing work in Russia.  To view photos or read more Russian adventures click the buttons below.