"They walked up to seven miles to hear the Word of God preached."

Several years ago on a flight from London to Detroit the Marcums met Pastor Moses Omondi Odhiambo. He was on his way to Ohio where he would train to be the director of Teens for Christ Kenya.  Dale prayed with Pastor Moses and Moses said ” the Lord says you will come to Kenya.” Dale said “yes”.  Our relationship with Moses continued and grew stronger. He has become like a son to Dale and Janice.

Nearly five years later the time has come.  In October 2010,  with the blessing of the board, Marcum’s stepped out in faith to fulfill this promise.  Along with board representative Debra Niswander they made the first FOV trip to Kenya. The first days were spent in the city of Nairobi visiting schools and participated in the work of Teens for Christ. Then it was off to the village of Kamayu where Moses grew up. It was about a six hour drive from Nairobi. There the team participated in the work of Echoes of Mercy as they reach out to the orphans, widows, and needy of the village. The ministry has provided the village with a well for fresh water, and established a school for the children. They have built a church and a mission house. The FOV team had several days to live among the people, develop relationships and share the Gospel message.

Fruit of the Vine has now adopted this village. Once a year we will take an outreach team to the village.  We will partner with Echoes of Mercy to find sponsors for the children and help for the widows.   There is much work to be done to finish the buildings.  The people are hungry for the Gospel message. They walked up to seven miles to hear the Word of God preached.   Moses sent news recently that “the  people are eagerly waiting for your return.” So are we.

Our photos and blogs will give you a better insight of life in Kenya. We invite you to click the links below for more information. If you would like to be part of a team or be a sponsor of a child contact us.