Emily is the wife of Pastor Moses in Kenya. Together they are following a vision given to them by the Lord. In the village of Kamuyu where Moses grew up they have started Echoes of Mercy. They have adopted the village to help make a difference. With the blessing of a financial gift from a sponsor they were able to begin the work. Last April there was empty land now there is the structure of a church, a four room school house, and a mission house with office. The village now has a well with fresh water for all thanks to EOM. Orphans will have free schooling, jobs will be created, and widows will be helped. Spiritual life of the village is taking on a new level too.

Emily will take on the job as administrator of the project. To do this she must take some classes at the local university.  Fruit of the Vine was able to help provide for this education.  Here is the response from Pastor Moses.

Thank you for helping Emily with the Fee to join University….She will start her classes at Mt. Kenya University on Monday. She will be studying COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AND SOCIAL WORK in preparation to be Echoes of Mercy Administrator. We look forward for your coming this year 2011.

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