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During the past few years we have gone to Florida to escape the snowy cold northern Michigan winter. But it also allows for another dimension to our ministry work. Each year we manage to fill our time with local outreach projects. This year 2015 was no exception.

Fruit of the Vine Ministries took on a project to help a family from Bosnia that relocated to St Petersburg. Our pastor had asked us to stop by and check on a roof leak in their home. That was quickly located and repaired. However they had more work inside. Their kitchen was in need of some major repairs.

The senior parents of the house did not speak much English but a daughter in law did. Three families lived in the home including some very active children. There was the father and mother along with their two sons and daughter-in-laws and the children.

After sorting out the list of needs we reached an agreement to share the work load and the expenses. The family agreed to strip and paint the cabinets and purchase new laminate. We agreed to resurface the counter top with the laminate, install a new sink and new faucet, repair plumbing and build in a dishwasher someone had donated to them.02 after kitchen

The father of the clan was calling Dale “my friend” each day and thanking us often for the work being done. We had the opportunity to have some good conversations with some of the family that spoke English. It was hard for them to understand why we would do this for them. We explained it was the work God had called us to do. We did the job with excellence for that is what our Father in heaven expects from His own. He wants us to share His love and for them to know He is real.

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